The best Linux network TraKooL Authentication Hotspot software server includes a top performance full-featured RADIUS server and billing engine. Boasting excellent performance and technological superiority.

Hotspot Software

Our Hotspot Software is running on the Linux server, mini computer is required. You can run the system on Linksys, Buffalo, D-Link, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik routers firmware .

Easy Install

We offer a Cloud-based Hotspot Solution. We operate web, database and radius servers, you just have to operate the router. Installation is quick and easy, it takes about 10 minutes.

Best Design

Charge your own pricing in your local currency. Or you can use a combination of free and pay-per-use service. Design your own Wi-Fi start page or choose from built-in Skins Template. Set bandwidth and traffic limits on user level.

Remote Access

It let's you modify locations remotely, change access plans, suspend users, modify start pages, print out vouchers from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based solution let's you manage unlimited hotspot locations from a centralized interface.

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